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The Optimal Time to Visit San Diego

20September 2018

The fires burning in Southern California certainly are scary and a tragedy for those of us that live here. They do, however, also highlight a little known fact about San Diego.

The best month to visit San Diego for a vacation on the beach is October. Not this year, obviously. Typically, however, October is the best time to visit for a wide variety of reason. Let’s take a look.

Obviously, the weather is a huge factor. October is usually the month when the weather is the warmest. Yes, more so than during the summer months. The air is also dry, so it is very comfortable. The water in the ocean is also still warm enough to swim comfortably, which makes it a great month. Obviously, this can occasionally lead to bad fire situations as we are seeing this year, a real tragedy.

Another reason to consider San Diego for a fall vacation is the cost. Summer is high season here. When it is over, prices fall dramatically. Hotel rooms are more plentiful and cheap. The same goes for typical venues visited by visitors to the city.

blog - fallsandiego - The Optimal Time to Visit San Diego

Over the years, the population in San Diego has grown dramatically. Throw in the massive number of visitors in summer and things can get very crowded indeed. During fall, the opposite is true. There primary source of visitors is conventions. Other than that, everything is wide open. You can walk into restaurants without reservations and so on.

I don’t mean to make light of the fire tragedy in San Diego and throughout Southern California. I live in Carlsbad and work in Del Mar. Del Mar was under mandatory evacuation and Carlsbad under a voluntary one. In short, I know what it is like to worry. For those outside of the state, however, October is usually a renaissance month in the state and there is little reason you shouldn’t be told as much.

Rick Chapo is with NomadJournals.com – makers of writing journals.

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