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La Jolla

Your Greatest Day, LLC.

4275 Executive Square #200, La Jolla, CA 92037

About Your Greatest Day, LLC.

5 / 5 from reviews

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Your Greatest Day, LLC.

Our Address
4275 Executive Square #200, La Jolla, CA 92037

Review to "Your Greatest Day, LLC."

Juliette Sakasegawa
November 09, 2018

Julia is a wonderfully caring and compassionate coach and person. When we work together I can tell that she believes in me and is truly invested in me and my success. Julia is a fabulous listener and gives thoughtful, insightful feedback. While working with Julia I have been able to discuss and improve personal areas of my life such as my health, my relationships, and my friendships as well as work on my business. She is qualified and knowledgeable in all of those areas and has helped me move forward with all of them. Julia provides support and authentic care for her clients. I would highly recommend Julia to anyone looking for a Life Coach.

Rosalie Cosio
June 05, 2018

Julia is a trustworthy, high performing and effective coach with strong integrity and an unwavering passion for helping others make their dreams a reality. She is full of energy, life and commitment for the work she is doing. Julia consistently delivers exceptional value and exceeds her clients’ expectations by helping them fully explore their own path forward. With her coaching, I was able to understand on a deeper level what is important to me, what inspires me, and what I can do to make that real for me... and I have! Julia is one of the most uplifting people that I know. Coaching truly is a gift of hers and I'm definitely one of her beneficiaries.

June 21, 2018

I have been working with Julia for over a year now and it has been the most amazing experience. I would not have thought to look for a life coach, but I met Julia at a workshop she was holding and we connected right off the bat. When I started working with Julia I was looking for a new career and she helped me hone in on what would be best for me and held me accountable for the steps I needed to take to find the perfect job. I have now been working for an amazing company for over 8 months and she has helped me find balance in all aspects of my life. There have been many times that I wasn't sure what I wanted to focus on when I was scheduled to meet with Julia and every time I have felt that something great has come from our meetings and I understand myself so much better. If you are even thinking that you might want some support outside of your regular support system, reach out to Julia. She is amazing, full of positivity and a joy to work with!

Anna Wells
June 29, 2018

Julia is a true beauty inside & out. Always inspiring others while loving & living her life to the fullest. I sincerely love this lady and all she does. Her biz is really her calling. Grateful to be a part of her life.

Kathleen Brown
June 13, 2018

Julia’s motto, “Your Greatest Day” could not possibly be more apropos for what she is helping me to create. Julia has a way of consistently encouraging me to embrace the possibilities for my life and career to create the type of life I have always dreamed about. She invariably sends me on my journey of self-discovery with light and love, and follows up with a life-affirming synopsis and challenge. By creating a safe space where I am free to completely let go of fear of judgment or looking foolish, Julia encourages me to discover what has been hidden in me, and I am learning to make every day “My Greatest Day”.

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