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Carmel Valley

The California Cuts

3860 Valley Centre Dr, San Diego, CA 92130

About The California Cuts

3.8 / 5 from reviews

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The California Cuts

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3860 Valley Centre Dr, San Diego, CA 92130

Review to "The California Cuts"

raj shankar
February 23, 2018

I’ve been here five times and every time even though I ask for the same thing i get a different haircut. I even showed them a picture of what i wanted and the stylist just glanced at it, didn’t even care to see what the customer wanted, and just cut my hair. She messed it up to bad I had to go to super cuts to get it fixed. Even they were like, “Wow I don’t think I can fix this until it grows out more.” How hard is it to get a comb over look?

Chris Korn
July 08, 2017

Been going for over 10 years. Great place for a men's cut. I go to Debbie, but they all seem good and most have been there a long time.

Emma Jones
October 24, 2017

REALLY disappointed. Have used California Cuts a number of times but very disappointed with them today. My 8 year old had her haircut Friday. Over the weekend noticed that one side was longer than the other (after it had been washed and dried). Took her back this afternoon to ask if someone could check and level off the longer side. After sitting for 25 minutes I was told the manager would take a look but we needed to return when the stylist who cut her hair was in. We have activities the rest of the week so the next available date would be the weekend. We will go elsewhere to get her hair leveled correctly - it shouldn't matter who cut her hair, any stylist could have corrected and left us as happy customers. Very disappointed and we won't be returning :(

Lindsay Correa
August 09, 2016

Great experience! My son is 11 and developmentally delayed. His stylist was so patient and kind with him. His haircut is the best he has ever had. We will definitely be back!

Aryana Pazargadi
September 09, 2016

I went in today to get a cut and to lighten my hair, and going to California Cuts was one of the biggest mistakes I've made. My natural hair color is a honey brown and the tips were dip-dyed blonde. I asked Suzy to even my whole hair to the natural honey brown shade of the top and even picked out the swatch I wanted. After 2 hours, my hair dried and reveled a dark brown color with a bright red tint. I told her this was not what I asked for and she said it would lighten in the shower. I went home and everyone in my family noted it looked awful. I went back to get it fixed and told her to lighten it and take away the red.... she took the red out but now it is almost black because of the anti-red toner she used. I will NEVER go back here again.

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