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Mission Valley

Seneca Law Group

2635 Camino del Rio S #208, San Diego, CA 92108

About Seneca Law Group

4.8 / 5 from reviews

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Seneca Law Group

Our Address
2635 Camino del Rio S #208, San Diego, CA 92108

Review to "Seneca Law Group"

November 06, 2018

Following having a meeting today with her regarding a complicated matter, I have complete confidence in Fanny as my attorney. She is kind, thorough, patient, empathic, and respectful. She promised to research a particular aspect of my situation - the email describing her findings was there within a few hours of my leaving the appointment. Fanny is an attorney I recommend with complete confidence. I hope to send her many referrals.

Heather Vorwerck
December 05, 2018

Fanny listened well, responded quickly. She handled my case expertly and efficiently. I'm deeply grateful to have had her help through a challenging time. So glad I chose Seneca and Fanny Cherng.

Dan Demory
November 03, 2018

Very organized, informative, and helpful. I couldn't all for a better experience! I will recommend anyone to them.

Alex Kozij
October 07, 2018

Fanny intervened into my case after a previous bad experience I had. I have to say that she is absolutely amazing. Extremely meticulous and organized, and had a lot of respect and repoir with the trustees. I recommend her for all the legal work that she is involved with.

Wade Olson
October 02, 2018

Fanny made my bankruptcy go as smoothly and painless as possible. I recommend her to anyone in the same position.

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