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Kearny Mesa

Premier Weight Loss Center

8705 Complex Dr, San Diego, CA 92123

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Premier Weight Loss Center

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8705 Complex Dr, San Diego, CA 92123

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Cindy M.
May 03, 2018

I am in my 50s and going through menopause. I had my lapband performed at the premier weight loss center in San Diego one year ago. At that time I weighed 152 pounds and had chronic heartburn and high blood pressure. despite all my best efforts to lose weight with exercise and healthy eating, the weight would not come off. I was constantly fighting hunger. I am now 116 pounds and I have maintained that weight over the past five months. i'm confident that with the continued help of the Lap-band that I will continue to maintain a healthy weight. I am no longer suffering from high blood pressure and I am no longer fighting hunger. I am so grateful for the doctors at premier weight loss center of San Diego. Dr Gertsch & Martinez are the best. They are compassionate, experienced and very knowledgeable. thank you for my new body, my more active lifestyle and better health

Jon Dawson
May 02, 2018

My wife and I come from hefty families. We began our marriage slim having made it a point to lose weight before our wedding. Neither of us knew how to keep the weight off. Four kids and 14 years later we'd packed on a cumulative 180 pounds. My brother took off over 100 pounds after Lapband surgery at this Surgery Center. My brother researched every weight loss center in Southern California before deciding to go with Premier. My wife came in together for a free consultation. Their nurse had undergone Lapland surgery here before taking a job with them. She showed us both her tiny incision area. It was pretty invisible. Dr.Martinez performed both of our Lapland surgeries. We had both been dealing with GERD for years. I was on double sized doses of Nexium twice a day. I was still vomiting at least once a day. Even on the Nexium. While he was putting in our lap bands Dr. Martinez repaired BOTH of our hiatal hernias AT ZERO CHARGE to us. He told us our lap bands needed to rest in the area of our hiatal hernias and he wanted the tissue to be healthy. Blew my mind. My GERD is gone. So too is my wife's GERD. We were both cash paying patients (despite or obesity our insurance refused to cover). This center has performed enough Lapland surgeries that Allergan (who makes their bands) has given them a significant discount. They have passed their discounted price directly on to their patients. We got free adjustments for a year after our surgeries. My wife is back in her size 2 clothes and I'm comfortable in my own skin again. They adjusted her fill amount during her last pregnancy and put fluid back in after she delivered. We both had them remove some saline before a gourmet cruise. We wanted to be able to eat as much as we liked during our cruise. Yeah. We put on some weight but they added more saline when we returned. Great people. Great prices. Terrific follow up care and clean facility.

Ana Bedore
April 30, 2018

About 10 years ago I got a lapband in TJ. It ended up slipping and I wound up in Kaiser's ER. I had Kaiser take it out. My surgeon offered to replace its position but I was miserable and had her take it out. Gained back aa the weight I'd lost and more. I came to Premier to get a gastric sleeve but opted for a Lapland. My TJ doctor had used an imitation band on me. Thus the cost. Premier uses only the genuine bands. They fit better and can hold more fluid. They also gave me free fills for a year. The gastric sleeve operation and gastric bypass both remove a large part of intestines. People tend to regain the weight because what's left of their stomach often stretches out over time. My Lapband is a tool that can be adjusted for life. Dr. Gertsch was caring and took his time explaining the pros and cons of all 4 choices (the balloon being the 4th choice). Dr. Martinez performed my actual procedure. He's been doing Lapbands longer than most other people in this country (having flown out of the USA to learn it and to practice 20 years ago). Both of these good men have changed my life around.

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