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Postal Plus Depot

2475 Paseo De Las Americas # A, San Diego, CA 92154

About Postal Plus Depot

4.2 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
2475 Paseo De Las Americas # A, San Diego, CA 92154

Review to "Postal Plus Depot"

Mango Juice
October 24, 2018

I used to go pick up basically everyday. They charge monthly fee plus couple dollars for all items, which is fine if it is a reasonable price, but even not so big box, they charge oversized price. and it is more expensive than the UPS store near there. Also, they charge additional $1 dollar for the credit card use. I believe it is illegal in CA. However, most of of the employees are nice except for the skinny one.

Nate Miller
December 14, 2018

Get ready to pay for each box you receive and every day it's there. That box that accidentally got upsized to the medium category - EXTRA The package they forgot to give you - EXTRA The package they don't get checked in by their deadline - EXTRA Sundays, closed, but they charge for that day too - EXTRA Some of the charges are spelled out and fair. Staff has been courteous. But the inflexibility and EXTRAS aren't worth it for me.

Andres Savedra
November 23, 2018

Excelente servicio, muy amable el personal, buena opción para los que no tienen dirección física en Estados Unidos y compren a menudo por Internet.

Damian Medina
October 05, 2018

personal amable, pero los costos por recibir paquetes son caros e injustos. He pagado mas por lo que me llega que el valor del mismo. Nunca he dejado por mas de tres dias ningun paquete.

Jesús Albert
August 27, 2018

Buen servicio y amabilidad. Siempre que he ido me han solucionado los envíos, claro siempre con un precio ,todo tiene precio hasta el tape. En algunas cosas son más baratos como por ejemplo la renta de PO box en la zona.

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