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NCEPT Physical Therapy

457 N Elm St, Escondido, CA 92025

About NCEPT Physical Therapy

4.9 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
457 N Elm St, Escondido, CA 92025

Review to "NCEPT Physical Therapy"

Paul Woodman
August 08, 2018

I highly recommend NCEPT! After letting a basketball injury go longer than I should have without care, I called to take them up on their free Discovery Session offer. I'm so glad that I did- My physical therapist Lisa was thorough and walked me through a plan of care - exercises that I could do at home, as well as a light treatment plan at their office. The entire staff was friendly, welcoming and accommodating of my needs. I will be referring them to all friends & family and will always go back to them in the future if needed. Thank you everyone who helped in my recovery!

October 04, 2018

Guillermo did a great job with my dad after his car accident. I can't speak about the other therapists as we found one lacking, but our personal experience was great.

Amanda Guse
September 08, 2018

I had injured my knee playing dodgeball. I have never gotten seriously injured or had any knee injuries. After 5 months of my knee not feeling normal, pain when I would exercise, and feeling frustrated, I was recommended by my doctor to go to NCEPT Physical Therapy. I was seen by Doctor Ivy. Like I said, I have no experience with serious injuries. I always like to stay busy, push myself, and that “pain is gain”. But through Dr. Ivy’s guidance to stick with her and be patient...it WILL be worth my time and my body will thank me. Not thinking I could go back to the intensity I used to workout at, I was EXTREMELY thankful I didn’t try to strain myself and I trusted her. My knee feels much better, no pain when I run, and she knows her stuff. I always had an enjoyable experience with each session. Ivy is easy to talk to, the whole staff is very welcoming,easy going, relateable, has a good sense of humor, I got my sweat on, everyone around you is there to encourage you and each other in a healthy direction. I would recommend this office, the doctors, and staff to anyone who is willing to trust these individuals and is willing to work to achieve positive results.

Donna Anonymous
July 12, 2018

I came in pain. I left with understanding about how I got in this condition and what I can do to prevent it, understanding about how to fix any future occurrences and basically care for my muscles, joints, and bones. AND I left pain free!

Diana Haskell
June 21, 2018

I would recommend to anyone having any kind of musculoskeletal pain to see a good physical therapist! And if you're in the Escondido area, go here! I had such a great experience. The entire staff is super friendly and they make sure they're taking care of each patient from the time they walk in the door until they leave. I really liked that the front desk reviews your insurance and preps you ahead of time of what to expect from billing so there are no surprises. My physical therapist, Ivy, was well educated and knowledgeable and was able to explain my condition (shoulder impingement) with ease. Through the 14 weeks I went there she was always making sure that I was progressing each week, changing or adding exercises to safely maximize good results. She really cares for each of her patients and it's apparent that she has a passion for helping people have better, pain free lives. I saw two orthopedic surgeons about my condition. The first never even mentioned physical therapy. He tried to medicate (I hate taking medicine) with no results and steroid injections which helped for awhile but didn't fix the problem. His next step would have been surgery but I had changed doctors and I'm so happy I did because he recommended trying physical therapy. And now I know that if I have any kind of musculoskeletal pain that I should see a physical therapist first 👌

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