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Lakeview Park Apartments

9135 Mast Blvd, Santee, CA 92071

About Lakeview Park Apartments

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Safety! Warning!

Lakeview Park Apartments

Our Address
9135 Mast Blvd, Santee, CA 92071

Review to "Lakeview Park Apartments"

El Henry
April 28, 2018

Falling apart, loud traffic noise constantly, company is slow to do repairs, windows rattle when upstair's tenants walk around, can hear neighbors taking a piss! The only good this is the lakes are nearby, but certainly NOT worth ALL the other negativity! If you don't care about never being able to open your door due to traffic noise or having to blast your TV to hear over the noise and you don't care about slow repairs, slow as in weeks or even months, then this is the looks great outside but falling apart inside apartment for you.

sac city
July 22, 2015

grounds are well kept, clean, maintained. Parking is safe and available, units are clean, manager is professional/friendly/always available. By far a great place to live!

Austin Ruiz-Castaneda
April 24, 2018

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