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House Cleaning Specialists

437 J St #304, San Diego, CA 92101

About House Cleaning Specialists

3 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
437 J St #304, San Diego, CA 92101

Review to "House Cleaning Specialists"

Michael C
July 11, 2018

They were detailed, personable and did a great job. They're more efficient and better than anyone else. I am planning on using them in the future.

Allison Block
July 09, 2018

These people lie AND they do a terrible job of cleaning. And they are MEAN. Try Weekend Maids instead. They are friendly and honest and actually do their job.

Don R
May 13, 2017

Their staff was friendly even they were 30 minutes late scheduled time but they were very keen in cleaning and putting stuff away. Our house was neat, in order and smelled fresh. I highly recommend them.

Top Rock
April 24, 2017

Lisa came in a few minutes early and she got straight to work with no need for further instruction.Very responsive, pleasant and obviously knows what she is doing. She gave us great advice about prevention going forward. I highly recommend their services.

Dayna Struiksma
November 23, 2017

***DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE****HORRIBLE*** WORST experience I have EVER had with a maid cleaning service. The guy didnt show up when they said he would, 20 min later I had to leave, so I was instructed to leave simple instructions on what I wanted done which I did. Floors, refrigerator and shower. Another lady showed up 2+ hours after my scheduled time and took over 4.5 hours to clean my (already tidy) 1 bedroom 1 bath 750 sqft apartment!!! She hid all of my kitchen appliances (found my coffee maker on the top shelf of a cupboard; my kitchen knives were behind the trashcan in cupbord (???), all of my apliances, cookbook, everything, hidden; I still cant find my NutriBullet), never cleaned the bathroom floor or countertop (like I had asked), left streaks all over the mirror, stove and microwave. Hid all my paperwork in the closet, along with a flannel shirt and shoes. Never touched the refrigerator... And then they had the audacity to charge my card $175!!! I am outraged. I can clean my place in under an hour, 2 at the most if being critical and detailed. She took FOUR AND A HALF HOURS to clean a 750 sqft tidy ONE BEDROOM APARTMENT! There is sand and hair in the corners of my bathroom, you pick up dirt when sliding your hand across the countertops.. I am outraged. If I am not granted at least partial refund, I will be taking them to small claims court. ***DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE***

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