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Kearny Mesa

Golden City Restaurant

107, 1422, 5375 Kearny Villa Rd

About Golden City Restaurant

3.8 / 5 from reviews

Safety! Warning!

Golden City Restaurant

Our Address
107, 1422, 5375 Kearny Villa Rd

Review to "Golden City Restaurant"

Lu Yang
November 22, 2018

A good place to get Peking Duck in San Diego. While not the best Peking Duck I've ever had, this place offers a solid experience given the fact that San Diego is still lacking in authentic restaurants that serve this particular delicacy. For a few more dollars the kitchen will make every part of the animal into stir fry and soup for you. A great place tip eat some fatty and delicious duck, the most tasty bird IMO. Protip, eat the crispy duck skin first while it's hot and crispy, if you wait too long it'll get soggy.

Juliana M
December 10, 2018

It offers traditional Chinese food. We came by this plaza when shopping for home improvement at PHD. And We had lunch there. The price is reasonable and food is tasty . Recommend !

Felicity Fung
July 11, 2018

Hidden Chinese gem in San Diego. The only complaint I have is the orange sauce breaded fried fish that tasted like lollipop... Otherwise, I highly recommend the cold meat appetizer and any fried rice dish. Worth a try! Compare to many other Chinese restaurant, the portion size is generous!

Jorge Zepeda
July 16, 2018

One day when my wife was visiting me for lunch we happened upon this place. The food was really good in the service is excellent. We noticed that they served entire pieces of chicken when you order the orange chicken. Which is awesome! It's a diamond in the rough.

The Bravo Connection
July 13, 2018

Food was good, no complains there. But you have to really keep asking them for water. My glass was empty for a long time before they come give you more water. 2 times I had to ask the server for water because she would come and pick up the empty dishes but not care for our water. They need to pay more attention to that and I will change it to 5 stars the next time I'm there.

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