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Mira Mesa

Geneva Flooring

9360 Activity Rd ste d, San Diego, CA 92126

About Geneva Flooring

4.8 / 5 from reviews

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Geneva Flooring

Our Address
9360 Activity Rd ste d, San Diego, CA 92126

Review to "Geneva Flooring"

Avishek Aiyar
September 15, 2018

My experience with them was very brief. The previous owners of the townhome we purchased had the flooring installed with these guys. They sold the house to us without ever having lived there after the flooring install. Overall the installation and the flooring is good but several of the bamboo tiles creak a lot. I asked them if they can repair the flooring since they are the ones who installed it but they refused citing that the warranty does not transfer with the owners. I understand that but at the same time I don't appreciate people who don't stand by their work. Since the previous owners never occupied the house they couldn't point out the issue with the installation and now we are stuck with creaking floor boards all over the house. That is not professional in my book.

Chris Shaplin
November 07, 2018

Very helpful A+ service.

Winslow Garnier
February 08, 2016

After looking at flooring for several months from most of the popular large consumer companies we could not find what we were looking for. Spent weeks also having samples sent to us from Internet sellers. Geneva Flooring was identified by a manufacturer that we were interested in their products. We called and they asked us to come in to look at samples. We meet Judy and she was just wonderful. Gave us plenty of time to look at samples. Same day we narrowed down to a few. Her depth of knowledge in regards to each sample helped us to make a decision during the visit. She made sure that we order exactly what we needed. Including all the correct trim pieces, glues and correct thickness of cork for our project. Months later we remain very pleased with the selection, price and service before, during and after the sale. We highly recommend Geneva Flooring. They will save you a lot of time and unnecessary frustration.

Miranda Hope
February 08, 2016

It was a joy and a relief to find Geneva Flooring. The staff was warm, knowledgable, professional. The installer was excellent. I am giving them 5 stars because, as happens in life, there was a scheduling snafu, there was an issue with another flooring company -- it was not a bump-free transaction. But the WAY that Geneva Flooring handled all of it -- honorably, honestly -- was so refreshing. I think that a true judge of a business is not how they operate when everything goes smoothly, it's how they handle things when things are bumpy. And Geneva's owner and staff did right by me. Oh, and love the floor they recommended -- heavy traffic for a year and looks great.

David Jackson
January 03, 2012

When my wife and I were looking for new flooring we were referred to Geneva Flooring in San Diego. They were great from beginning to end. We now have brand new bamboo flooring in our house and we love it. The price was more then reasonable compared to some of the other hardwood flooring contractors we contacted in San Diego.

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