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Escondido Bail Bonds

2205 E Valley Pkwy D, Escondido, CA 92027

About Escondido Bail Bonds

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Escondido Bail Bonds

Our Address
2205 E Valley Pkwy D, Escondido, CA 92027

Review to "Escondido Bail Bonds"

California Love
April 07, 2018

I am so greatful to have known about Escondido Bailbonds. My situation was one I that I knew nothing about. I was confused and didnt know the process or if I would even get bail. It took time, I had much doubt. But Escondido Bailbonds reassured me I would be released and few days later I was. They are a great team and business. They truly know what you are going through and very helpful every step of the way. Thanks Vanessa and Miguelangel. Keep up the great work..... Update::: My case is a Federal Case and the bail process is very different. Once the bond is complete it has to go to lawyer, to judge, who verifies where the money comes from, the property put up is not from dirty money, and is at there access if I were to violate my terms and conditions on my bail. It took 3-5 days before it was approved. Escondido Bailbonds didnt skip a beat and was on top of it the whole way....

Lotus M
January 30, 2018

I just got help from Miguelangel .I'm very thankful to have Escocdido bail bonds Miguelangel Reyes is the very very best he treat you like a human being kind and very professional person most of the company turn down on me but this company is not turn down on you or giving up to help. God bless you. Thank you.🙏 Tamarkin. YOU ARE THE BEST👍

Andrew Lacaria
December 02, 2017

Vanessa was very helpfull and went above and beyond to get me out when no one else would, I would highly recommend Escondido Bail Bonds to anyone I am very satisfied

Vanessa Howse
May 05, 2017

Great company to work with, honest and trustworthy bail agents that are very knowledgeable about the bail system and willing to answer any and all your questions. Spoke to another company before calling here and they were very pushy and weren't helpful. Thanks again Escondido Bail Bonds for all your help! A+ A+ A+

Mike Tupa
December 31, 2017

Family owned and operated, great people!

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