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Kearny Mesa

China Express

9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123

About China Express

2.9 / 5 from reviews

Safety! Warning!

China Express

Our Address
9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego, CA 92123

Review to "China Express"

Leonard Johnson-Biddle
November 10, 2018

Far and away the most authentic "New York style" Chinese food (yes, that's a real thing) that I had in the decade I lived in San Diego. Never once had an issue with their food, though the service could be better at times. Fairly inexpensive too, just like a NY Chinese restaurant should be.

Denice Ornelaz-Perez
July 14, 2018

Stumbled on this place while getting my sons food at another place in the same strip mall. I should have looked up reviews in advance. The food was awful! Everything was extremely bland. King Paolo chicken had no spice. Fried rice had an odd yellow color and no flavor. I was very disappointed. I don't live in town so never going there again will not be a problem.

Paul Gmail
June 27, 2018

So much VALUE! 3 items and soda $6.49?!! Spicy chicken is slammin, lo mein isn’t greasy, large portions, really impressive. Rating should be much higher.

Darlene Dawes
August 17, 2018

Came in about 7:30pm, ordered the 6.99 special with the soup. Egg drop was about gone and the lady filled the cup half way, it looked cold. I asked if they were going to make more and she said no because they're going to close at 8:30pm. So I asked for the wonton soup, in which I waited a few minutes while they finished preparing it. When I opened it, it had only 2 wontons in it. When I took it back to the counter, I saw they had put fresh egg drop soup, so I asked for that instead. The lady shouted to some one in the kitchen in their language then told me rudely she was asking the manager if it's ok to change it since I had "asked so many times". I told her it was my 2nd request and she said it was my 3rd and proceeded to argue with me about it. I told her I was a regular customer there and she shouldn't be so rude, but because of her rudeness they lost a customer. She continued to be loud so I took my order to go. The food ended up being cold and the chow mein tasted like spaghetti noodles with a bland flavor. I'm not sure how they get an A rating unless they're paying off the inspector. I do not recommend this place.save your money and go somewhere else!

Curtis Lambert
June 03, 2018

Come early for best steam table selection food is good, but I got shorted A bit on my amounts of food.

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