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Cash for Cars

3911 Fifth Ave #150, San Diego, CA 92103

About Cash for Cars

4.6 / 5 from reviews

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3911 Fifth Ave #150, San Diego, CA 92103

Review to "Cash for Cars"

Will Lange
October 29, 2017

So easy! So good! Cash for cars was the best company I have had to deal with when selling one of my cars. I was in a time crunch and needed my car gone as quickly as possible. After reading through their website I understood how the process would work . I felt it was worth the effort to give them a call and see what they could offer me. I'm glad I did, because they made it very easy for me. I called the company and was immediately greeted by a friendly employee who was knowledgeable about cars. I gave him details about my car and was given a price. He booked an appointment for me and then had one of their employees come and buy the car. That employee was very friendly as well! In all, I had a very good experience with them and would suggest others give them a opportunity to buy their car. I'm still shocked at how easy it was.

Aly Eyer
October 24, 2017

Cash for Cars is a great place to sell your used vehicle. I had run into a time crunch and needed to get my car sold relatively quickly. Unsure of what to do I started looking online for some options. I came across Cash for Cars while searching so I decided to give them a call. The person I spoke to on the phone was a real gentleman, and he also told me that the company would be able to purchase my car fast. I scheduled an appointment with them, and then after that they gave me my appraisal. I liked the price, and I got paid cash. We filled out a few pieces of paperwork, and I was on my way. The whole process took about 15 minutes, very fast and efficient.

M Zan
October 25, 2017

The car that I used for my daily driver had begun to have mechanical issues. I certainly could not have sold it to a private party because no one would want to buy a car with a serious issue. In my search to find out what to do, I came across this company Cash for Cars. Cash for Cars was very helpful with the process. I was upfront with them about the issue and they told me that it was fine. Next, they quoted me a price we agreed. They arranged to have a tow truck sent over and I got paid cash. The sale from start to finish was smooth and easy and the people were great.

Hub Staff
November 07, 2017

An excellent company to sell your old used car to. I worked with cash for cars and I had them purchase my car for me. My car was a little rough. The paint wasn't the best, and there was some damage on the vehicle. Cash for cars didn't care at all about the issues and bought the car as-is. In all, I can say that it was a great experience working with cash for cars.

kelcey jones
January 20, 2017

Simple and efficient. We had a car we no longer needed and decided to sell it. I looked online and found this company. I told them about my car, and then got an appointment to sell it. I was very happy with the offer made. I think this is a great shop to sell your car at. Thanks for helping me out guys.

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