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General House Contractor

CalAtlantic at Tavara Ridge by Lennar

3634 Tavara Circle, San Diego, CA 92117

About CalAtlantic at Tavara Ridge by Lennar

3.8 / 5 from reviews

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Our Address
3634 Tavara Circle, San Diego, CA 92117

Review to "CalAtlantic at Tavara Ridge by Lennar"

Rita Lim-Wilby
September 05, 2018

Really well built homes.

Kandis Huff
September 30, 2017

Matt and Jeff are always willing to help with our questions. Design consultation is fantastic. Looking forward to moving in soon.

Donald Preston
May 29, 2017

After going to see the housing today, and speaking to Amanda the housing agent, walking through the door of the front office, probably the most disrespectful person I have ever met. She has a smart mouth about everything you have to ask with a smile on her face, and nothing but negativity coming out of her mouth.As being a potential buyer having customer service that terrible would deviate anyone from buying a home from Tavara Ridge, Pocahontas Ave. I don't believe anyone should be treated like this and hope CalAtlantic Homes do something about her.

Randal Michael
July 18, 2017

Jeff and Matt, the lead sales agents for CalAtlantic at the Tavera Ridge site, have been nothing short of wonderful. They are professional and have always taken the time to answer any possible questions that we have.

Geoffrey Adams
August 27, 2017

Eh, not important enough to have keep something to say.

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