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Lemon Grove

ABS Electric

7411 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945

About ABS Electric

3 / 5 from reviews

ABS Electric is the emergency electrician that you need to call when there's a problem with your electrical needs. This is a San Diego run and locally owned business.

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Our Address
7411 Broadway, Lemon Grove, CA 91945


Review to "ABS Electric"

Lauren Vaughn Koehn
May 24, 2018

Mike is a very nice man. Very knowledgeable and likes to explain how things work in layman's terms and makes sure you understand what's going on. So here's the sitch -- the power goes off to the whole house EXCEPT the kitchen light and refrigerator. What the heck but also thank God because nobody likes buying new groceries. It's now Friday evening turning about 8-8:30pm so we called a few electricians and either they didn't answer or they were rude. We're desperate but we're not going to fund negativity. We then called Mike. He answered immediately, asked a lot of questions to try and figure out the issues and was at our house within the hour. However, in the meantime of his arrival, the rest of the electricity in our house came back on. IT'S A MIRACLE! Or so we thought. So Mike does a walk through and everything look okay again. But then he says he better check behind the breaker because there could be possible arcing between the connections. And low and behold there was. I'm so glad he found this because replacing a breaker box is a lot more convenient then trying to handle a house fire. SAFETY FIRST! And on top of that he gave us a really good deal. Which is much appreciated because we're pretty new home-buyers and aren't made out of money. He was at our house until 11:30 that evening, running to his shop to get supplies to temporarily fix the breaker box until he can get the right pieces. Not once did he suggest that he was annoyed by what a nuisance this has become. Which is appreciated because we know it's not fun, but we needed help and he had the expertise. He came back a few days later and fixed everything up within a couple of hours and his parting words were, "If you have any questions, just give me a call." Mike is the epitome of first-class service and anyone would be so lucky for him to help them. Thanks again for everything Mike and while I wouldn't mind calling you again, I sure hope we don't have to for a while. ;)

Brandon Cart
December 26, 2013

I received nothing for ABS electric's services. I was told by Mike the issue was with SDG&E. SDG&E sent a technician to my home and verified the issue was not with them. I was suppose to receive a call from mike but could not get a hold of him after multiple attempts. I hired another electrician who diagnosed and found the problem. I contacted Mike again to get a refund on the $211. Mike refused stating he had run a diagnostic and figured out the problem after SDG&E had already came out but said he would pay me $78 out of the $211 or that he would call later so that we may work something out (never happened). Again, I received nothing from his service, had a 24 hour outage waiting on him, and am out $211.

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